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Jennifer Johnson

Jennifer’s Media Kit

“People rarely succeed unless they have fun in what they are doing.”

Dale Carnegie

Music For The Jennerations which includes Jennifer Johnson, Timeless and Great Joy Gospel Music, was founded by Jennifer Johnson nearly 10 years ago!

Jennifer Johnson has been a professional vocalist for more than 30 years. She found the joy in sharing music to bring people together and she has been entertaining audiences at a variety of venues and events ever since!

Music is a universal language with healing powers that knows no age limits. Music is one of the best tools for connecting and building stronger relationships… a mission Jennifer is passionate about.

Music for the Jennerations can provide a number of different programs to appeal to a variety of audiences.  Contact Jennifer today to customize your event!

Want to send a special message that someone will remember for years?

How about sending a Singing Sentimental Gram? It’s a fun way to make someone’s day.

Contact Jennifer Johnson and schedule Music for the Jennerations at your next event today!

We’ve all heard the idiom, “Music is good for the soul.” But, according to the evidence, it’s good for your health as well so book a performance today!

 Study after study has found that music therapy has a positive effect on a broad range of physical and psychological conditions including dementia, anxiety, depression and cancer…

Psychology Today New research shows that music “can communicate basic human feelings regardless of the listener’s cultural and ethnic background.” American Institute of Stress