Thrive in today's uncertain business environment by connecting with us.

The key to tangible, sustainable business growth and success is not about the number of contacts you make, but rather the real connections you make with those contacts. Building those relationships is the result of differentiating yourself and always creating opportunities for additional connections.

Relationship Marketing

Now, more than ever, strong connections help us sustain relationships and our businesses during this global pandemic. We are here to do more than connect – we want to support and encourage each other.


To The Rescue is one of central Indiana’s best and fastest growing networking organizations, with multiple exclusive groups meeting weekly to connect business owners on a personal (yet professional) level with themselves, each other and clients.

During these unprecedented times, To The Rescue continues to grow, offering virtual networking opportunities connecting us outside geographical boundaries.


Music and entertainment, when done right, raises the whole experience of any event. Whether live entertainment, low background music, live art or a magician, providing something enjoyable and unexpected helps set a positive mood and makes events more memorable.

Build Personal Relationships with industry leaders through three basic methods:

It sounds simple – and it is – and it is very effective! Everyone needs people to help them succeed (networking). Everyone remembers those who make them feel special (relationship marketing). And finally, everyone remembers things that are enjoyable (entertainment). Mediocre businesses tend to assume these traits and success are mutually exclusive. But the most successful people in the world suggest the opposite is true!

We’re here to support you as you rise to extraordinary success. Explore our site, learn how these 3 tools work together to support and sustain business success. You can also connect with any option directly through this site.

To The Rescue helps you grow your business 3 ways:

Relationship Marketing Tools & Coaching
"People do business with those they know, like, and trust but only if they remember you!"