Have you seen our TTR Authentic Videocasts on YouTube or on our TTR Website?

One of the many benefits we receive as being in a TTR Networking Group is to be a Guest on our TTR Authentic Networking VideoCasts!

Not only are these Videocasts wonderful for people to see when they visit our TTR site but they are also wonderful to be shared with your clients and prospective clients too!

Erica Flores from our Northside Networking Group and Craig Blanton of our Broad Ripple Networking Group have been Guests. They have shared with us how TTR Networking has helped their businesses and how they can help others! So many other Networking Members have been guests too!

Please check out our many TTR Authentic Networking Videocasts on our TTR website at: www.totherescuein.com

Click on Education – TTR Authentic VideoCasts

Our latest Guest on our TTR Authentic Networking VideoCast is Melissa Vazquez. She is a TTR Networking Group Member in our Westfield Networking Group:

We would love for you to be our next Guest!

We record 2 shows on Zoom on Fridays starting at 1pm. Shows usually take about 30 minutes and we provide questions to you before the show.

It is easy to sign up. Just email one of us and we will work with you on a date that is best with your schedule: Nicole Williams nwilliams1300@yahoo.com or Jennifer Johnson jennifer@totherescuein.com

Thank you & have a wonderful day!(:

Blog by TTR Networking Member Nicole Williams, www.ThankfulSingleMomma.com