Can Cleaning Be Dangerous?

Excerpt of Jenny Mowrer’s Blog from her My Energy Shift

Have you ever noticed how our lives are filled with chemicals? They surround us and it’s sometimes hard to break free of them. Sometimes you don’t realize you are even smelling chemicals…

With COVID-19 causing our environments to be super sanitized, the chemical usage has significantly increased and, therefore, problems with chemicals harming people have increased…

So what’s the solution? I came across a recipe for a simple 3 ingredient cleaner that didn’t contain the toxic chemicals I was trying to avoid. I gave it a try and really love it. I have used it to clean my bathroom and kitchen sinks and my shower floor. All have looked great and the clean look lasts longer than with regular cleaners. I also love that as I clean I am not inhaling anything that can harm my health. On top of that it is super CHEAP! Non toxic and inexpensive. Let’s give it a try.

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Jenny Mowrer is a Reiki Master, a Nutrition Coach, and a Weight Loss Wellness Coach. She is a TTR Member in our Building Beyond Networking group. Thank you Jenny for sharing your eye opening Blog with us!