Promptings Powered By SendOutCards!

It’s all about appreciation you can touch!

Promptings is the parent company that is powered by SendOutCards.  A prompting is an intuitive thought that causes you to take positive action!

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Emails and texts have their place but nothing can replace the impact that a personalized card or gift can give –

especially today when our mailboxes are full of bills and junk – nothing to look forward to. Stand out… do the unexpected.

With just a click, you can choose custom card(s), add a personal message, enhance with a photo, and send. We print, stuff, stamp and mail the card(s) for you!

We also have a phone app! Easy. Done.

Want to really get someone’s attention? 

With their card, add a box of our amazing gourmet brownies or some delicious treats, maybe a special frame or pin to commemorate something special.

Going that extra step to send a card or gift moves you miles ahead in business or your personal life.

A note of encouragement, a card of congratulations, a gift of thanks.

We’ve taken the time and effort out of the process and left you with the feel good appreciation energy!

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I have absolutely LOVED SendOutCards. For my business and for personal use, it has been so awesome. I sent some cards out to some close friends and family, and there were lots of happy tears shed! It is the best feeling to unexpectedly make someone's day with a personalized and thoughtful card!
Melissa Vazquez
Owner of Generations Bookkeeping Services LLC
What a delicious way to be appreciated. I received an unexpected “great to work with you” card and a box of brownies! I can say that is the first time that has happened (and I hope it’s not the last)!
Lisa Bowers
Owner of Office Allies LLC