Relationship Marketing

Did you know?

95% of happy customers will purchase from  a competitor on an impulse?

The #1 reason customers do not come back? They forget about you!

Relationship Marketing will help you grow your business!

 Relationship Marketing is a powerful marketing strategy designed to encourage long lasting strong connections to you and your brand keeping you top of mind with your clients and prospects. 

You distinguish yourself in an ocean of competition by focusing on long-term customer engagement and by building relationships 80% of the time and marketing 20% of the time.

Creating strong personal customer connections builds loyalty and can reduce your marketing budget as it increases your reputation through word-of-mouth promotion ( referrals )  – the most effective form of promotion out there.

Building your personal brand with friendship, celebration and service, as well as mastering the bridge between high tech and the personal touch are key to a successful relationship marketing strategy!

But how do you do this?

By implementing an easy to use relationship marketing system and related tools you will differentiate yourself with your clients and create opportunities for additional connections.


Certified Canfield Trainer & Make A Splash Relationship Marketing Coach, Jennifer Johnson, helps business owners discover their own gold mine of connections to help build your network and grow your business. Through proven techniques she will help you strengthen your existing ties and guide on adding new, meaningful connections to your network.

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It’s all about appreciation you can touch! Emails and texts have their place but nothing can replace the impact that a personalized card or gift can make – especially today when our mailboxes are full of bills and junk – nothing to look forward to.

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"It is better to fail in originality than to succeed in imitation."
Herman Melville

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Did you know that 67% of business today is driven by personal referrals?

What are you doing to maintain customer loyalty (repeat business)?

What are you doing to attract referrals?

Do your current contacts even know what you do?

Have you forgotten to share what you do with all the people you already know?

The average person knows between 500 and 1000 people.

Remembering 500-800 people may seem overwhelming and making a list can feel silly, but it needs to be written down. 

This list is called a Memory Jogger!   It is a list of names of people that you already know.

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