New to your business or burned out trying to build your business network?
Look no further!

This is your personal invitation to join us for TTR Networking’s new program- IGNITE- The Spark to IGNITE Your Strategic Networking! –

IGNITE will help you accelerate building authentic relationships, open doors to opportunities that otherwise would not be possible and create a game plan for your networking!

IGNITE will provide professional development and collaboration to create new leads, warm introductions, and overall business growth!

IGNITE will help you define your purpose for networking, determine your networking intentions, and create a game plan for ultimate networking success and help you build the referral network of your dreams!!

Jennifer Johnson, Founder of To The Rescue Networking( TTR Networking), relationship marketing coach, a Success Principles Canfield Trainer and professional vocalist will be leading this event!

Don’t Miss Out!

Reach out to me if you want to join our next class!

Looking forward to meeting you!