Members’ Resources

2022 Themes:

January – “Joining”   Why join a networking group? Other groups out there, such as service organizations, chamber, Rotary?

February – “Follow-up”  Most effective way to follow up? When do you give up? 

                 – “Faith Over Fear” We have to have faith in ourselves, each other, and our network. How do you build faith in your network?

March – “Masterminding” What is masterminding? How do you do it? Why is it beneficial?

April – “Accountability”  Does accountability work? How to pick an accountability partner? Good vs bad accountability practices.

May  – “Making the Connection” How do we connect to our clients? Referral partners?

June – “Juggling” (Time Management)  How do you juggle your various hats? Multiple deadlines?

July – “Jot it Down”  How do you keep track of everything? Paper or Electronic notes / planner?

August – “Awesome Testimonies”  How do you get awesome testimonies? Importance of them? OR “Authentic” What does it mean in business?

September – “Sixty Second Introduction” Fine tune your 60-second introduction

October – “Out of the Box” marketing   What out of the box marketing methods have you used?

November – “No Rest For The Weary”  Don’t give up or stop just because it’s the holidays – do to appreciate and reach out to busy customers?

December – “Digging into the Details”  Year-end Review, Do you know your numbers? Setting goals for the new year.

Zig Ziglar’s Little PDF of Big Quotes

TheLittleBookofBigQuotes- Zig Ziglar

S.M.A.R.T Goals

SMART Goals template

4-1-1 Action Goal Worksheet

Available Speakers:

Several of the TTR Networking Members are excellent speakers and have incredible presentations to share.

If you would like to have any of these speakers share with your Networking group, company, or organizations, please contact them directly.

Alysia Larson

  • Visualization: unlocking the energy to create your physical dreams. The world is only .002% matter, the remaining 99.009% comes from energy. Learn to harness that energy through visualization.
  • Overcoming the Rut: unsticking yourself to get momentum. Success comes one step at a time, but failures or flat times are mixed in there. Learn how to unstick yourself to propel to the next level of success.
  • Connecting with people: grabbing and keeping customers. How do you create a first impression and first meeting to a loyal customer? Learn practical strategies on how.
  • Reboot your online look: Zoom to Teams calls a professional look is essential. Learn the basics of lighting, positioning of camera and a dash of makeup.
  • The Edge: consistency and persistence. Greatness is an art of doing the right little things over and over again. Figure out what they are and how to do them enough for get the success you desire.

Lisa Bowers

  • Presentation: “Juggling your Calendar”

    As an Online Business Manager / Virtual Administrator, it is my job to manage multiple client’s calendars and emails. In this short 15-minute presentation, I present easy tips to help busy professionals manage our calendar. It includes tips for color coding, using a scheduling portal, and conducting a time audit.  We will touch on themed day, workflow based on energy levels, and handling distractions and notifications.

Deb Miller

  • Presentation: “Be Prepared for Life’s Emergencies!”

    As a Life Organization Coach, Deb can talk to your group about identifying the best storage method for critical information, gathering documents for an emergency and provide a checklist of what documents are needed and storing them.

Onboarding Inspire Small Biz with Ryan Henry