Fishers Favorites

Professional Networking Group

Tuesdays 12:00 – 1:15pm

This is currently a closed "invitation only" meeting. Please reach Jennifer Johnson or Amy Blumer if interested.

Welcome to Fishers Favorites! Give your workday a boost by joining us Tuesdays at noon. Our group spans many unique businesses, but all our members share the same mindset – that of supporting each other. If you want more than just a connection, check us out and enjoy the camaraderie and collaboration we celebrate each week.

We are an industry-exclusive networking group, so some popular positions may already be filled.  We are happy to meet you and let you see TTR Networking in action.   We want to help you find your best fit, so you can enjoy the benefits of membership.  Also check back here often for upcoming special events. 

Please come and join us any Tuesdays at Noon.