Let’s Talk Spring Break and your SAFETY PLAN

Living in Indiana, I tend to get a little overwhelmed by the cloudy days. The weather forecasters on TV tell me we have had 55% sunny days in Indiana this winter…really? I guess one minute of sunshine in a 24 hr period counts as “sunny.” I don’t know about you, but I look for any way to escape the gray. Do book a spring break vacation in Florida or some sunny place to get your mind off of this cloudy winter weather, too?

What is your favorite place for soaking up the rays of the sun? Mine, you ask? Naples, FL is my favorite vacation spot. Naples has so many restaurants, beach accesses, and good weather just about all year round. It’s my slice of heaven on earth.

You might think that Naples, FL is a retirement community with wealthy people and not much crime. I’ll admit Naples does have a higher amount of seniors living the “joys of retirement” life as snowbirds. (I plan to be one of those people, one day.) However, crime has no zip code, and we (as parents, especially) need to educate ourselves and loved ones on how to spot a potential harmful situation. My Top 3 Safety Tips for Spring Break gives you the tools you need to stay safe. And, if you see me at a TTR Networking event, ask me about my Naples scare and what plan of attack my friends and I had to keep us safe.

My Top 3 Safety Tips for Spring Break

1. KNOW YOUR SURROUNDINGS. There is a reason I put this sentence in all caps. It is your NUMBER 1 line of defense. How do you keep an eye out? Well, ask any parent. When we place value on something, like our precious kiddos, we are ALWAYS in protection mode. Tell yourself, “I will pay attention” when walking on the beach, going for a stroll on the boardwalk/downtown area, or going to/from your car…you get the point, anytime you are out and about. When we wake up our brain to pay attention, it combs the area for anything unusual, and lets us know subconsciously something is out of place. Knowing your surroundings helps PREVENT a harmful situation.

2. Have PROTECTION TOOLS on your person and more importantly, in your hand. This lets the attacker know you are a HARD TARGET. Attackers are looking for someone vulnerable, someone not paying attention, or glued to their smartphone. When they see a pepper spray, a stun device, or a kubaton in your hand, and you make eye contact with them; you are not the typical person they will attack. Attackers are seeking easy “prey” and not willing to put up a fight for a quick steal. Also, having protection tools for plan A, B, C, and D gives you an arsenal of defenses to aid in disrupting the attacker’s OODA Loop and allowing you to get away.

3. Have a PLAN. Do you hear that noise? The tornado siren is going off, and if you live in Indy, it is not 11am on Friday. This is the real thing! Quick, what is your reaction? Why did you go to the interior or lowest floor of the building? I bet if you grew up in the Midwest, it might be related to grade school tornado drills. You were educated on going to the safest place for riding out a tornado. I have to say, I don’t want to experience a tornado. We live in the Midwest, and it is possible, mostly in the spring and fall. Same could be said about harmful situations. I do not wake up in the morning and say, I plan to be involved in a harmful situation today. The thought never crosses my mind. However, I have a plan for potential risks, just as I have a plan for possible tornado warnings. Having a plan keeps us calm during a chaotic situation and aids in our seeking safety, maybe even a step or two quicker.

These three safety tips will keep your family or college kiddo’s spring break safer and allow you or your college kiddo to have a wonderful trip filled with memories for, hopefully, a lifetime. Maybe this blog post has heightened your urgency for a plan or class on safety? Carolyn Goldenetz, Independent Damsel Pro, helps individuals and groups with safety classes on situational awareness, proper self-defense tool training, and developing your plan for safety using OODA Loop and Cooper Color Code. These classes are perfect as a Lunch N Learn at the office, at the comfort of your home, or in connection with a team meeting. She also offers speaking topics that go well with real estate agents, college students, or professionals who travel for work.

Have a STUNNING day,
Carolyn Goldenetz
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