Helpful Tips for Crafting your TTR Bio (:

Use a professional picture that you like

  • My oldest daughter took mine (: We tried several places in our home and finally got a decent one! I am not photogenic but we got lucky!
  • Some TTR friends have had a professional photographer take theirs.
  • Ask a friend to stop by your home and snap a pic outside.

Include ALL ways to connect with someone

  • Your business email address
  • Your business address
  • Your business website address
  • Your website address
  • Social Media Accounts: LinkedIn, FaceBook, Instagram, and Twitter

Choose hi-lights from your resume or from your LinkedIn account (:

Include a few sentences that let people know a little about you and your business:

  • What is your business name and what types of services/products does your business provide?
  • Where is your business located?
  • How can you serve your clients? Right now many meetings are online via Zoom. Perfectly okay. Let them know if you meet at your office or for coffee that you follow CDC guidelines.
  • When do you contact clients? What days/hours?

On a piece of paper, start jotting down ideas for your Bio

To submit your Bio and Picture, go to – Networking – Networking Groups

Look for Membership Profile Submission

Fill in the info above we mentioned PLUS – an awesome section:

How would you like us to introduce you to others? – Great for referral introductions! This way you will introduced by us that hi-lights exactly what you want to say!

When you are done filling in the form, click submit. You are done! Our TTR Administration will add your Bio to your group within a week (:

For more great ideas, look at other TTR Members’ Bios (: – Networking – Networking Groups

On the right side of the page, you will see all of our TTR Groups listed.

Click on one of the names, like Carmel Networking Partners, and scroll down a little. You will see our members in our group with each of our pictures and a little bit about our business. Choose a member, click on that person, and their whole Bio will come up (:

Thank you so much for allowing me to share this with you! (:

If you would like help with your Bio, we can set up a 30 minute zoom call for free, (:

If you have any questions, you can reach me at:

Nicole Williams, Leader of Carmel Networking Partners, TTR Networking, Integrator, Blogger – and