Did you know that every TTR Networking Group has its own page?

Did you know that every TTR Networking Group has its own page?

TTR Networking has 14 Networking groups!

On this page, each TTR Networking Group Member can share a picture and a bio of his/her business!

This is an amazing way to showcase your business for anyone searching for a TTR Networking Group to join.

If you already are in one of our amazing groups and have a bio, thank you!

If not, please visit our site to learn how you can become a TTR Member and see some examples of bios: www.ttrnetworking.com

On the right side of our page, you will see a list of our TTR Networking Groups. Click on any group to see that group’s page, who is in the group, and their bios.

An example of one of our TTR Members is of a bio from Stacy Maglio, a

realtor, in our Biz Builders TTR Networking group. When you visit our TTR site, click on her picture and you will see her bio which includes her business, contact information, and how she can help you!

When you are ready to send us your bio to add to your group, all you need to do is go to www.ttrnetworking.com, our Networking tab, and click on Member Profile Submission in the middle of the page! Please fill out the form and click submit! Thank you!!(:

 By TTR Networking Member Nicole Williams, Blogger