Change “I CAN’T” into “I CAN” and Pretty Soon You Will Say “I DID”

I can't

19 Sales Ideas you CAN DO with a “Can Do” Attitude while riding out Covid-19


  1. Call your Q1 new business clients and thank them for their business. Ask them how they are currently doing and offer help for any related questions they may have


  1. Call your referral partners and offer support for last minute deals they are trying to push through. Ask them how they are adjusting their business plans and prospecting. Take notes. Share best practices among your referral partners.


  1. Take your BNI/Networking Group remote. Set up a Skype meeting via Outlook during when you’d normally meet in person and host the meeting weekly. Even if it’s just to share prospecting ideas, sales learnings, educational seminars.


  1. Host “virtual coffee chats.” Call 25 people each week from your business card pile, LinkedIn, or social media. Offer to set a Facetime or Skype video chat over a cup of coffee from your home office.


  1. Host digital “lunch & learns.” Reach out to small businesses you network with and offer to host a digital lunch & learn. Set it up as a Skype or Zoom meeting and host it while on video chat.



  1. Kindness is Contagious Cards. Pick 5 people a week and mail out a note of kindness to thank them for their business, referrals, or friendship over the last year. Everyone likes a handwritten note.


  1. Small Commercial Blitz. With small businesses being impacted, reach out to our target appetite guide businesses in your area and offer a review of their insurance to provide savings to help reduce expenses.


  1. Facebook live event. Hold a weekly Facebook live stream educational seminar on different topics (pet insurance, jewelry riders, umbrella policies, rental reimbursement, etc)


  1. LinkedIn Learning. Have something on your development plan? Want to prospect or close better? There’s a LinkedIn learning for that and it’s all free to Liberty Mutual employees.


  1. Take Out Sweepstakes. Run a call and social media blitz. The first 100 people who sign up for an insurance review will be entered to win a gift card for a local restaurant that delivers. With most restaurants in take-out/delivery only mode it’s a win-win for the community. (get approval from manager for any sweepstakes)


  1. Spring time coloring contest. Sponsor/Host a coloring contest for school kids in your local community. Visit your local town’s Facebook page and create a post, offer parents to take a photo of their kid’s spring time themed drawings. The one with the most likes win’s a special prize. (get approval from manager for any sweepstakes)


  1. Start a Podcast Club. It’s like a book club, but with so many people working remote you can share your favorite podcast episodes from the week and discuss key take-aways and learnings from those podcasts.


  1. Business Card Blitz. Every day take 5 business cards from the pile that’s been collecting dust in your desk, car, or briefcase and call them. Reintroduce yourself and ask how their business is doing with everything going on.


  1. Hashtag Rodeo. Pick a social media platform and find out what hashtags are trending regarding insurance, auto industry, real estate, etc. Identify 10 people sharing items from that hashtag and reach out to them via private message to connect.


  1. Lego challenge. Ask your social media followers or community members to build something out of Legos (car, home, etc). Create a theme for the challenge and give them a few hours to create and submit their photos to your post. Reach out to thank all the participants. (get approval from manager for any sweepstakes)

Samantha DeShone – a member of our Westfield Networking group